Comes in 16 flavors.


Skittles….Yes! You can taste the rainbow!

Black bear – Black cherry and gummy bear

Cherry limeade – Reminds you of a cool summer drink

Sour Grape – Exactly what it says

Prime – This is a light style tobacco, extremely realist

Prime/Menthol – Light menthol style tobacco

Royal – Medium style tobacco. You can literally taste the tobacco leaf

Royal/Menthol – Medium menthol style tobacco

Cappuccino – If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were sipping on a cappuccino

Caramel frappe – Superb! So realistic, you can almost feel the foam and cream on your lips

Energy – Self explanatory! Very poignant, ready to get your day going

Banana Cream – You don’t have to like banana’s do love this flavor! Yummy is the word!

Red Hots – Did you say Cinnamon? Wow!

Red Hots/Menthol – With the kick of big red gum and the coolness of menthol, excellent combo!

Menthe O’Mint – You don’t have to be a menthol user to love this flavor! Flavor and Flavor and more Flavor

Straight Menthol – For the dedicated menthol user. Clean and superb, reminds you of what you need.

Sapphire E-liquid comes in 3 nicotine strengths. 0 mg, 12 mg, 24 mg – no worries for those that are a 6 or 18 mg users. We know the math!


9.95 + tax – 12 ml plastic bottle

Pink Spot is one of the most well known names in the E-liquid industry.


Black Mamba – Fierce blend of blackberry and smooth cranberry w/a splash of citrus.

Watermelon Wave – Smooth wave of watermelon. Light and flavorful.

Frozen Lime Drop – True to its name and flavor…will remind you of a refreshing summer cocktail.

Strawburst – The candy shop favorite will be your new favorite Strawberry all day vape!

Gummy Bear – Cocktail inspired vape is a recreation of the popular gummy bear shot.

Rip Tide – Blend of fruit flavors including blue raspberry and strawberry with just a hint of smooth menthol.

Peach Pit Tobacco – Superb and robust flavor! Self explanatory and needs no introduction.

Swagger – Full body tobacco with nutty and creamy undertones and some say a hint of caramel.

USA blend – Smooth, full flavor, realistic tobacco flavor. No pulled punches here!

Pink Spot comes in 3 nicotine strengths – 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg




Peanut butter – Nice, spot on! Creamy peanut butter.

Black Cherry Berry – Sweet and satisfying, depth to no degree.

Fudge Brownie – Realistic, yummy deliciousness all in one Vape.

Raspberry – Sweet, luscious raspberry, tingles on your lips.

Peach – Amazing and robust, deep and juicy peach flavor.

Bubble gum – Takes you back to your childhood with individually wrapped bubble gum.

Kitty Cat – Takes you to the candy shop with its realistic and spot on flavor.

Hawaiian Drink – Tropical fruitiness so realistic, you’d think you were on the beach.

Spearmint – Fresh and clean, all natural spearmint.

Pomegranate – Lush and poignant pomegranate flavor…lingers in your mouth.

Mt. Pocono Vapes comes in 0 mg, 12 mg, 24 mg – no worries for those that are a 6 or 18 mg users. We know the math!


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